The final book. And if I am totally honest, the redeeming one. I read through this book the quickest, and appreciated the ending to the Mara Dyer trilogy.

The truth has led her this far, and once again stuck in a hospital bed Mara is not sure is she can escape.She has no control of her body, no idea where her friends are and her parents believe she is safe. Noah is nowhere to be seen and with Jude on the loose, Mara isn’t sure how much more time she has.

Another beautiful cover. Love it.

I seemed to like Mara a bit more in this novel. I’m not sure if it’s because Noah was absent for quite a bit, or she was a bit more stable because she was finally understanding who she was and had others going through it with her.
I loved Stella and Jamie, I thought they were sassy and fabulous. The extension of their presence made me happy as I really appreciated what they brought to the book.
I felt there were times where the book moved at a really fast pace, and others when it was a tad slower. However, the composition of it all worked well in balance.
I felt the ultimate reveal felt a bit anti-climax. I just wished there was a little more omft. However, I wasn’t really disappointed by it. It fitted the book well.
I’m still sitting on the fence about Mara Dyer. Parts of me really like it, yet others thought it was a bit slow. Hmpft.


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