Ah, man. One thought is left in my brain once I closed the pages of that book.  And that is ‘why did I think it was a good idea to pick up?’. It encompassed so many elements that annoy me about a book, I surprised I managed to complete it until the end.

Zoe has done something wrong, hiding a terrible secret that she has got away with. But she needs to share with someone. So when she hears about writing to prisoners on death row, she shares her secrets with him.
I suppose I was intrigued by the ‘what has she done?’ element of the story, but it did not take the direction I really hoped that it would. And I think from then on the whole plot just irritated me. The basic concept was watery and just damn right annoy to read. The forbidden love with brothers just wanted me to tear my hair out. I am surprised I coped!
Saying that, I did not struggle with the way it was written too much. I found it an easy read,  even if I did not agree with the plot. The idea of writing to a death row criminal was interesting, but some of the expressions used felt a bit off. I really did not like that many chapters finished so abruptly and felt this was a flaw with the way it was written.
I did, however just want to finish reading to find out who had died. I think it may have been the only think spurring me on. And to be honest I was completely disappointed. There was no meat to it and feel a bit flat.
Similarly, I felt the way that ‘Zoe’ was presented was in the same way. Whilst easy to listen to, her characters were not fully structured and struggled to form an opinion on her. And the guys, I just could not cope.
I would have liked this book so much better if it was not watered down by the overwhelming theme of love. I would have preferred more focus on her concluding dilemma, rather than a book souly on love. Because, I can not stand it. Shame.


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