I wasn’t going to start reading as my faith in the last book fell a little bit. I had put it off for as long as possible, I’ve had it since the beginning of September,  but the other day I finally bit the bullet and took to the pages. I’d feared the worst after the decline of the last book but hey, I did not have to as it was significantly better. Still not as epically amazing as Need but better than I had expected.

Zara is not the person she used to be. She may have rescued Nick from Valhalla in order to save his life but they are not the same anymore. He is not the same. But then, Zara is Astley’ pixie queen and Nick can’t quite comprehend that. But Zara has bigger worries. Zara has to stop the evil pixies from abolishing Bedford and cease an impending apocalypse.
Hmm. That beginning I thought my fears were coming true. Zara still pining for Nick,  wanting him to love her all got a bit whiny for my liking. They USED to be cute, now just frustrating. Way too much focus on their relationship in the past books. But hallelujah!  Sense is seen and Carrie Jones moves away from whiny teenager to more dominating matters and I could not be happier. I found it easier to get along with Zara. And as for Astley. I like the addition. He brings another element to the story that I enjoy.
I like that use of ‘outsider extracts’ at the beginning. I liked it because you can forget as a reader the implications it may have on the outside world and I liked to see how it was affecting them.
The time frame though. Although I like the seclusion of winter it all happened in a shprt space of time. However,  at least it was not Entice’s time frame. I could not cope with that!
Although the ending was a little too rounded and ‘happy’ it felt like it suited the series,  even woth the lack of main deaths. and I miss Zara’s phobia references!
I found the writing style a tad annoying. I get the constant use of pop culture references but I didn’t feel like they flowed woth the narrative and stuck out a little bit. Also, in a few years time it will make the book very dated which is a shame because I can see how it enhances Issie and emphasises that they are still just teenagers.
This book, better than I thought and an applealig finish to the series. Glad I finally got round to reading it. And the cover can be added to my ‘most beautiful’.


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