I wasn’t expecting that. I’m not sure what I was actually expecting,  but definitely not something so intriguing and as gripping as that book just was.

Will Drake has managed to escape the past three juvenile recreation centres he has been in. So, when the Alliance moves the criminal to an institution branded impossible to escape they think he has finally been caught. However, Drake has plans of his own and being stuck in the middle of the artic sea is not going to stop him.
I was engaged almost instantaneously and loved that the book gripped me. I wanted to just carry on reading and reading.
The concept was really clever and well executed. I liked that the whole time the escape was at the forefront,  as well as implementing barriers that I couldn’t figure out. I liked that it was set in the near distant future that isn’t too hard to imagine as it gave it more of an edge.
I liked the closed in setting, and did not feel bored regarding the action taking place in one place. With recalls back to time before, I wasn’t left with unanswered questions either. It helped that the characters were all different and interesting.  A good mix.
I wasn’t expecting it to end that way, and felt that so many other paths could have been explored. But I like that it wasn’t rushed.
A good book; intriguing, engaging and interesting.  I am glad I picked it up.


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