Oh man. That took me a lot longer than I ever anticipated and although started off good, I felt just dragged and dragged. Which is a shame.

Autumn is different to her class mates in the sleepy Devon town she lives in and feels like an outcast for it. With extraordinary marks on her skin she is shunned by the people she is sworn to protect. But when a handsome stranger she recognises turns up at her school with the same marks she bears, as well as reoccurring impendingly doomed visions she keeps have, her life is turning into turmoil.
When I picked this book up I did not realise it was the second book in the series. ¬†However, I didn’t feel like I missed out by doing so as I was read without feeling like I needed to know any previous knowledge and like that. The last 50 pages were the only place where I might have felt better reading the first, and given me a more rounded view on Violet.
Typically, I tend to steer away from these types of books, not for any particular reason, they just never tickle my fancy. But I did like the way this book was presented. I loved the ideas of the seven dimensions and found them incredibly interesting, especially the taken perspective on it. Additionally, I liked the comparison to the humans, yet felt it was not explored enough and could have been expanded a lot more in that sense instead of tiptoeing around other matters.
What got me the most was that this book was so long! Even though there was not a big amount of pages, it just felt drawn out and slow. A long time to describe to actions that were unnecessary. And this is where it lost me sadly.
This book started out good and I really liked the idea behind it but the novel felt too long and drawn out for my liking to be honest.


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