I really did not like reading that at all. It was not what I seek in a book at all, was not captivating and pretty dull.
Why did I pick it up?

Kita feels like she doesn’t fit in with the sheep people. Their dull way of life, with a strict structure is one that Kita detests. They live in fear of Witch Crag and the evils that live there. But something inside Kita suggests that leaving the sheepmen won’t be the worst that can happen to her.
I think it was the cover that drew me in the most. It looked creepy and disturbing and I think that was what I seeked and hope for with the book, as well as being interesting.
The story, the tone and way it was written reminded me heavily of The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. Immediately, I was reminded and think that put me off a little bit. The outlawed community, chosen to be that way with nothing but survival as their goal. The repression got to me the most and frustrated me thoroughly whilst I read it.
I did not find it very captivating as I nearly fell asleep numerous times throughout, which was a shame. I couldn’t keep engaged with it or have the will to carry on.
I wasn’t overly fuased on the characters either, although once they escaped I did enjoy seeing Kita grow, however predictable. The other characters were reliable too, no one stuck out from being a stereotype.
It was dull, boring and predictable. A real sludge to read through. I’m kicking myself for picking it up.


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