That was different. It was quick, fast paced and I’m still not quite sure what to make of it.

Darius is a street smart grinder, and when he is recruited by a top secret government time travelling protection agency he really doesn’t want to join. But on his first mission with others just like him, he learns there is more than one who know the time travelling secret.
Writing was smooth to read, even if there was a heck of a lot of technical jargon.

The story line was different. I like that it jumped straight in, no faffing about. It meant for a quick reader, jam packed with action.
I thought Darius would be annoying,  pining for Zoe but had a good balance of all characters once introduced. However, I would have like to know them a bit better though and explored their characters in greater depth.
This book was a good, quick read. An interesting concept, although my overall conclusion still isn’t fully formed.


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