I have an devoted love for Cat Patrick and her writing. Her novel The Originals had me gushing and I adored Revived. When I spotted her debut novel, Forgotten I snapped it up as quickly as possible and I knew it would be good.

Every morning at 4.33am London Lane forgets everything she ever knew. What she had for breakfast the previous morning, what her best friend looks like and every moment she had gone through the previous day. However, with the help of the notes she writes every night and her mum and best friend she manages to remain normal. And whilst, she can’t remember the past, the future is there for her to see. She can see what she will be doing in a couple of years time. Yet, when the handsome Luke enters her life, she can’t see him in the future.

Hmm, I really liked the premise of this novel. It was interesting to see how London pretty much reset everyday. About how she learnt to act normal at school, and trying to piece together her past through the future too. However, I felt like there was a lot of room for error. Whilst Patrick did quite a good job of doing so, I still felt there were some red-herrings that could have spelt potential trouble along the way that were brushed over. It is something that has to be considered with caution when writing about a topic such as this.

For some reason London’s name annoyed me, and I don’t actually know why. Herself as a character was an interesting one to follow and felt she had a lot to give. By resetting each morning I liked the way there were subtle changes in her character which adapted with each bit of knowledge she obtained.

I adored all the twists and turns in this book, and whilst some of them may have been predictable they were still enjoyable to read. When resolved though, I felt there could have been more time spent doing so, as I thought they were important elements, and less time say on London’s romance. It felt that was heavily used, and personally put me off slightly.

However, this book did bring what I wanted. And although not one of my favourite Cat Patrick novels, the writing was still as wonderful as ever.


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