When I saw this at the library I was pretty intrigued by the cover, the blurb and the essence of the whole book. But within reading the first couple of chapters I am afraid it did not live up to my hopes. I have finished it beign glad it is over, as it really did not interest me.

All children are born with two minds in one body. Hybrids. But soon the recessive one fades, leaving the dominant to thrive. Only Eva is still there. But no one can know, because what her and Addie are are hated and feared.
I think what grated on me was the slowness of the narrative. I did not feel it was moving fast enough and this meant I was not particularly interested in carrying on reading it. I mean, it took me a good four days to pick it up again once I start reading it. I do not think it helped that the storyline did not feel incredibly moulded and felt weak in a lot of places. I should have been really good, but the execution just wasn’t there. It did not engage me like it should have had, and felt this probably was a downfall.

I did not have an affliction with any of the characters. There were none that I felt a connection with, and really cared about. It may have been because it was from Eva’s perceptive, and she had no control over the body, it felt withdrawn. I found it hard to get my head around. I also did not appreciate the implied affection between Eva and Ryan felt forced and clichéd. Definitely not for me. And that overshadowed some other aspects I think too. Eva’s personalities grated on me too. I just could not get on with her. And the numerous names, I just found incomprehensible.

This book just felt like going through the motions. The action was lost and characters bland. The plot could have been interesting, but afraid this book really was not.


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