I usually really like Catherine MacPhail stories. I fell in love with ‘Another Me’ and it stemmed from then on. The easy reading and fabulous twists that usually occur are what draw me to her books, and the reason for me picking up this short story.  However, was left feeling a little deflated with no excitement after reading this.

A night in the so-called haunted school should be nothing but fun for Nicola and her friends. A great way to scare thr new girl. But when they start to disappear one by one, Nicola no longet finds it funny and realises that something else may be there.
I felt the story started flat from the beginning. There was a real lack of fire from the start and felt that the narrative just kept going down hill from there. There was no waves in the way it was told, I felt no tension was there and it was just being relayed rather than letting the audience have a journey. And that was a real disappointment.
Half way through I felt like the story was not really going anywhere. No drama, just ‘and then he was gone’. Where was the suspense?! Even when there was only Nicola left I felt like I was just reading through the motions. I was not reading fear. It just was not thrust on me.
Whilst it did contain a pretty imaginative twist, I was not shocked by it at all. Had it been the unimaginative and dull one dimensional characters, or the slow pace in which I was forced to read, I don’t know. But the bunched up, rushed revelation was lost underneath the gunk of the rest of the novella.
This short story fell particularly flat. I was neither excited or amazed, which is a shame because I really do like the author.


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