Well, that is took me longer than intended and I am going to put it down to one thing and one thing alone;  it didn’t enthrall me. I didn’t have a passion to carry on reading,  even though the start was pretty damn fine. Which is a shame, but alas it is finished. And with the waves of good and bland, I think it is more leaning towards the bland.

That beginning gave me hope that i had stumbled across a book that i was going to particularly like. I enjoyed Cassie’s narrative and her struggle. I found it pretty interesting, started to like her character and got along with it well.
But then it started mixing it up, to which I point I thought it went down hill. I was disliking it more and more, as the structure and action were lost as I tried to comprehend it all . Whilst I liked the black pages, the separation seemed really different but I didn’t like the changing narrative as some were more dull than others. I lost momentum in reading when the character changes became too many. So whilst it leaked more elements ans ‘truths’ within the narrative, it didn’t capture me like the way it should have. Instead, I’m afraid it did the opposite. Plus, I was just getting more and more confused.
To be fair, the concept wasn’t too bad, I liked the idea of it. Although aliens aren’t my favourite to read about I didn’t mind them. But the further on in the book I read the more and more it annoyed me. The mystery melted away into frustration and lost me, both in mind and interest.
I didn’t like the uncertainty at all. I understand that it must be there but there was WAY too much of it. I just totally annoyed and frustrated me. The constant backwards and forwards in trust became way too much for me. I was physically ‘arghing’ at the book.
This led to a slow deterioration of dislike towards Cassie. I liked her in the beginning but she got weaker and wetter towards the end. She dithered a lot and many pages consisted of her battle with her self. Which was just dull to read. I didn’t think any of the characters were developed in a likable way due to the entire uncertainty surrounding the book and this frustrated me. Plus, the overall ‘ I don’t know who to root for’ didn’t help either. I like to understand or at least guess what is going on. Not constantly be undermined with no clear answer ever given and I think this is where the book hit me the most.
Whilst it started good, I mean it really did I just ended up frustrating me more and more as I read further and further on. I like the concept but the way its presented and the overuse of confusion and lack of trust forced me trudge through the rest of the book annoyed.


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