Day one of relaxing and reading with already one book down. A book that I found only existed pretty recently. But leaving a depressed feeling throughout the entire book has meant that I have not particularly enjoyed it. Depression overload I think.

Dante is Renee’s soulmate in more ways than one. Sacrificing each other’s lives means that Dante is not very safe if found. And with twenty one fast approaching,  they do not have much time left. But being haunted by realistic visions and the Nine Sisters Prophecy,  Renee is determined to find a cure for her soulmate.
To start with, the title. It does not flow, is generic and does not entice me at all. And the colourings of the front page is not appealing to my eye.
It is absolutely ridiculous how depressing this book actually is. Whilst reading I felt more and more bored and brought down by the book and it’s contents.  I understand that it is a depressing subject, and it needs to have thay element to aid the narrative, but not in this way! I just found it so hard to hack. The death overload too. Again, I understand the underlying theme is predominantly death but my oh my I felt bombarded at the beginning,  like I had totally forgotten that this is what it was about. I liked the last book because it slotted the topic in without the reader even particularly noticing but this one, there is no escaping to another proportional storyline. And that I did not like.

It meant the book was incredibly slow paced too. I felt that there was no need to read quickly, and even in action sequences the pace was same. I think this attributed to why I became bored with the book. There were not parts that grabbed my attention and urged me greatly to read quicker. I just did not want to.
Romance and I do not get along at the best of times and this just thoroughly frustrated me to no means end. The pining and whining at the beginning was incredibly frustrating and I just wanted hit her. I had no time for feeling sorry for the self and missing the undead boyfriend. Yawn. I know it is a major part of the plot but there was too much pining for my liking. I did prefer the less referencing later on in the book yet know that Renee had come to the wrong conclusio and got annoyed that she herself believed it for so long. Trust and romance, I despise you.
I did however, really like the character of Anya. I thought she was fresh and funky and lived how was used at the end. As for Noah, I wasn’t entirely convinced and feel he needed a little more development.
Ah man. This book has felt like a bit of a waste. It frustrated me increbily with lack of pace and enhanced depression and is nothing like the ‘normal’ first book. Off putting and I really can not see myself picking up another book if there is one.


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