Ah, this book. I do not know what to make of it. I felt like I read it fast and thought it was pretty awesomely written. But the sheer amount of comparisons that mimicked other best sellers and the unnecessary amount of kisses distributed makes me think otherwise.

The top graduates from each colony are invited to participate in the testing for a chance to study at university and make a different to the United Commonwealth. A winning combination of practical, knowledge and intelligent ensure the best are chosen. And this year, Cia is going to be one of them.
I mean, that beginning. Could the first sentence relate to Divergent any closer! Whilst, in my mind I knew it meant it was goong to be a pretty awesome book, but from then on I could not stop the comparisons. And I know I really should not do that, but I just could not help it. I felt like it was The Hunger Games and Divergent smugded all into one, and it should have made me extreme happy, I pined for originality.
There was the strong female lead, introduction by mother helping her get ready for graduation, colonised futuristic America (they were even dropped in Chicago!), rigorous tests, controlling goverment with a secret rebellion emerging, crossbow, significant love interest, she is the smartest in her cohort and strongest and most perceptive, leaving her family behind, bagging the ‘hottest guy there’, ability to avoid truth serum and ruthless murders of friends. The list could go on and the amount of times I looked up from my book and sighed was numerous. I just felt that the comparisons were too close to be coincidental.
I did however adore the way it was written. I was easy to read and I did not stop once because I was bored with the way it was told, so I totally commend that.
I thought the testing was an interesting idea but am a bit annoyed that nothing bigger was explored. The fourth test, blimey dId it take long. I couldn’t believe the sheer amount it went on for. However, I was engaged throughout so can not really knock it too far.
What did annoy me was the need for Tomas and their endless kissing. It is a life or death situation and they are constantly sucking face. I DO NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT THAT. Quite happy with strength without kissing. Rant over.

I did like Cia, for some reason. Her name was annoying to read, like many of the other characters, but I thought she had a good depth to her even if she reminded me of Katniss and Tris ridiculously.
Although, I have found qualms with this book, I did actually like reading it. Just wish more was addressed rather than relying on a trilogy and that kissing was left to a minimal.


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  1. Pam says:

    Totally off topic- I just want to add how I always look forward to your posts to see what nail polish you’re wearing. Haha!


    1. Charlotte says:

      Haha, thanks! Barry M is my fav brand, so always like to chop and change colours!


      1. Pam says:

        Never heard of that brand… But your nails are always so funky and fun looking… So stick with them!


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