I was pretty excited about finding this little gem in the library. I didn’t even realise it was out. I loved the writing style of the first book, this should have been a breeze. However, I felt it lacked the pace that was in The Testing. Which was a shame.

ia has completed The Testing and successfully gained a place at University. However, her memory has been wiped of those experiences. But at least she has Tomas with her. After the six month initial induction she sits the examination to assign her to her appropriate area of study. And as all students are kindly reminds, wrong answers will be penalised.

I was scared as where this was going to take me. As the last book ended with her memories being wiped, I thought ‘do we have to start this all over again?’. However, whilst it was it a bit slower at the beginning that I would have liked it to have been, I was not utterly disappointed with the turnout of this story. Although it definitely still had an immense ‘Divergent/Hunger Games’ feel to it. Especially with that last chapter.

As expected, the writing was good. It flowed wonderfully and did not halt my reading in anyway. I liked that it was easy to get through, allowing me to focus more on the storyline by doing so. Definitely one of my favourite aspects of these books. Joelle, I like your style. This storyline could have had a bit more oompft in it though.

This story line felt a bit slow, definitely unlike the first book that just soared into everything. I did not feel the immediacy, even though elements required I did not feel the need to comply and felt a bit bunged down by it all. Some bits felt pretty unnecessary and were placed as filler and just to receive a shock value that I really was not wanting. It felt a bit forced, if I am being fair. Like the Government inductions felt incredibly like the last challenge of The Testing. I genuinely asked myself what was the point of it. I understand the circumstances were different, but the atmosphere and way it was portrayed felt almost identical.

The ending got a bit better, with different and juicer action. But that last revelation, I kind of predicted it. It was pretty much inevitable, because you know, you can not have an adult take charge AND be good. So much echoing of  ‘Divergent/Hunger Games’ it was crazy. I also felt a bit lost with all the different characters and their names, that I was meant to remember from the first book too. So many! I am good with ignorance or more information if there is a need to name them.  However, I was glad that Cia’s and Tomas’ romance died down. I did not have to read too much kissing, which pleased me.

This book, not as good as the first. The writing still good, but the plot was a tad slow. I liked the ending at bit more, even if it does have enormous echoes of the   ‘Divergent/Hunger Games’ feel.


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