Finally purchased and a train ride home means that Em Bailey’s Shift was devoured pretty quickly. Whilst interesting in some parts, others fell a little flat. But still an enjoyable read.

Olive has to try hard to prove to everyone that she isn’t crazy, and by obediently taking her meds she manages to remain under the radar. But when creepy new student Miranda shows up with a rumoured dodgy past, Olive is uneasy. Miranda works her way up through the popular kids and becomes friends with queen bee Katie, Olive feels like there is something not right. Almost as if Miranda is trying to steal Katie’s life. Or is Olive just going crazy again.

I really liked the premise of the novel. I thought it was an intriguing paranormal concept which sounded ideal for my type of reading. However, I felt the execution fell a little flat. I felt much more could be done with this novel and did not quite live up to what I thought it could be.

The characters were different, yet typical at the same time. Whilst I enjoyed reading about them, and the lives they led I felt that there was not many dimensions to the characters. They were not particularly unpredictable and felt this may have been why it felt a little flat to read.

I really liked the concept and some of the execution of this book was clever and intriguing. However, there were other parts that were not as engaging. Which was a shame because I really wanted to like this book.


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