Well. That was interesting. I picked it  up because the premise sounded pretty awesome. And despite the overhaul of love and it’s dilemmas (I really should have paid more attention to the front cover) the storyline was not too bad. And I really appreciated the twists in it. However, I do not like the open endedness of it all. Not cool.

Humanity has remained on a ship above Earth for three hundred years, since the nuclear winter set in. The, in order to restart Earth’s human population one hundred juvenile delinquents are sent to test out the atmosphere, exploring a second possibility at life. Once there they have to try and survive. However, it is not just those on Earth who have to survive.

This book, the writing was smooth and easy to read. It all flowed in a way that made it effortless and quick to read. Saying that, it took me a couple of chapters to get my brain in total flow with the narrative and the whole concept of what was going on. But once I covered that, I was drawn into their world by the lovely way it written.

I really liked the interweaving stories. The way everyone was interconnected was done pretty good. I was expecting it to be a bit dull because of that, however, it made the story a whole of a lot better. I liked that one chapter would finish, but the story would continue in the other character’s voice. The duel perspective of the same situation was balanced well. What got me though was the flashbacks. At first I felt they were in the way, but further on they became so much more relevant and informative I actually looked forward to reach the point in the chapter.  The unravelling of  their back stories was fitted in such a wonderful way. It could go anyway and I liked that sense of unknown.

Additionally I loved the concept of the book and the overview. It was intriguing and remained that throughout the entire novel. In which I praise Kass Morgan for doing. Using both the ship and earth perspective felt like I had a more rounded view which pleased me. I absolutely loved the twists that were unveiled, such as why they were delinquents and why events were happening. Pretty clever if I must say so. However, that last twist. There needs to be more pages to my book. I did not like the abrupt way it ended. Nothing was resolved and everything left open. I was not impressed by that.

The magnitude of characters was good. A different and diverse range was balanced well and I understood most of their reasoning. However, the strong element of love and the stupid things it caused them to do, I was not impressed with at all. The beginning was so heavily strained on it that I really did question my choice at first. It did slowly release though. I did get a bit tired of the constant pining. Many a sigh was let out when reading about these trials and tribulations.

I do not have a burning urge to read the next book. Majorly because I am disappointed that the book was left on such an edge. There needed to be more pages. I want it as this book rather than another. Apart from that and the overhaul of romance, I was pretty pleased with this book.


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