I got this book for my birthday one year, but by now I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have read it. Seriously, it is one if those books where you can easily pick up and speed through and still remains one that I love.

Lauren is a fourteen year old teenager living in London with her adoptive parents. Her parents haven’t told her anything about when she was adopted at three years old and Lauren is starting to get intrigued. So when researching a school project, she stumbles across a missing children’s site. And one little girl in particular. One that looks like her and leads in a journey to travel across the Atlantic to find out who she really is.
I think I got it just after I turned a teenager, and was one of the first ‘non-Jacqueline Wilson’ books I had read. And I read it in less than a day. I felt the plot went so fast, so much happened in such a little space of time, it was brilliant!
Unlike other books, which would stretch the plot over two books; pre-America and post-America, Sophie didn’t and I appalled her for that. No dithering with pointless scenes, the action was always at the centre and that is what I loved about it.
I enjoyed the plot. A search for birth parents after she had been adopted was brilliant and stretching it across the Atlantic was fascinating.
I loved the characters too. Lauren was headstrong, which could get annoying, but was easy to connect with. I didn’t argue with her decisions like I would with some other characters. I just accepted and carried in reading. Jam was lovely, a brilliant side. However, there was no need to add in the romance aspect. Sorry, but it was an unnecessary factor to an already filled book. But that could just be me. And Madison was adorable.
The numerous predicaments in which they found themselves in were indeed far fetched but it didn’t faze me as I was swept up in the writing.
And I also liked the little epilogue and for once I was happy with a happy ending.
So, Sophie McKenzie, I like. This book is memorable, fast paced and pretty awesome. I encourage others to read.


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