I was perusing the Waterstones bookshelves ages ago when I stumbled across the sequel to Girl, Missing. It was signed, I had a voucher. It was totally destiny to get it. And whilst the writing style and pace remain the same from its predecessor, I’m afraid it doesn’t quite live up to its standard.

It’s two years down the line, Lauren is still with Jam but her family was devastated by the loss of her biological father Sam nine months before. So when Annie, Shelby and Madison come to England for Easter, no one is in the mood to holiday. But after Lauren takes Madison to the beach their life is turned upside down once more when Madison disappears in mysteriously similar circumstances to Lauren all those years ago.
I was so gutted to hear that Sam had been killed off! So sad. However, to be fair it did lead to the development of a storyline with more twists and turns than the first book, and keeping the pace too. I felt like I had to read uber fast to get through scenes.
It was a tad annoying, opening not too far into the book with another abduction. A tad *yawn* inducing. It wasn’t as exciting as the ones in the first book, especially as this time it was with a little girl, and I felt so sorry for Madison. Additionally, this was the third kidnap in two books, it needed fresh material I think. It got better when it blew out of proportion, but was still a bit over the top.
Jam and Lauren, although could be seen as cute in the first book, were just boring in this book. It was nice to have the guy there, to see how he reacted, but it wasn’t too bothered if he was or wasn’t there. Lauren, I felt in this book was annoying too. Constantly putting a downer on everything, cruising everyone. At some points I just wanted to shout, give it a rest woman!
The ending was a much better one though. I wasn’t expecting it to go that way at all ans definitely the part that sticks in my mind the most. Well done Sophie for that!
I found Sister, Missing didn’t quite live up the standard of Girl, Missing. Just tried to mimic it. Which meant the pace and twists were fabulously done but I’m afraid the storyline was a bit bland. I have currently got Missing Me in my library pile as I feel obliged to finish the set. It had better be good!


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