Now, after a beastly book I needed a book that was short and easy to read. A cop out I know. And after my previous experience with Sophie McKenzie’s books and my love for Girl, Missing I just had to pick up Missing Me.

Six years after Sister, Missing and Madison is a teenager living in London with her anxious mother Annie. After a visit to Lauren, she finds out that Sam wasn’t her biological father, by accident. Hurt that it was kept fron her for so long,  a need to fill a father sized gap, Madison goes in search of her biological father only to find herself in more and more danger as secrets unravel.
Meh. That is my genuine thought about this book. I felt obliged to read it as I loved the first two but it felt a bitblike having to read it instead of needing to read it. Which was a shame.
The storyline could have been interesting, I felt it flopped a bit. I understand the strong references to the theme of missing children, and appreciated that avenue but I dont feel that it connected to the Purditts in a strong enough way.
Whilst usually a lot of references to previous books excite me, this felt forced and didn’t flow. It patterned too much like other books and didn’t stand out on its own. The absence of the fast pace so strong within the first book meant that I wasn’t as invested either.
The characters weren’t as strong in this book. Madison isn’t the fiery actress I hoped she would be from the first two books and this personality change was off putting. It made me niss Lauren’s attitude,  which faded in this book.
The absence of the spark in the previous books let this one down so much. There was no need for it really. Whilst I liked finding out who their biological father was, this book was an unnecessary addition and just weighed down the series.


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