Back to the beautiful kindle for this book. A book that actually wasn’t too bad despite it being free and the pretty annoying beginning. The concept was cool, writing not too bad and I ended up actually quite enjoying it.

Madison is just starting junior year and being an overweight, glasses wearing, brace bearer is not the smoothest path in high school. But when her vision suddenly corrects itself, weight falls off her and her braces gone, life is looking up. And when the guy she is crushing on takes an interest in the new Madison, she is ecstatic but after nearly knocking him out she realises the new her is down to something. Something big. Something secret. She is a binder. The first female Beserker.
The beginning was boring. The beginning was bland. Typical outcast, social reject girl transforms entire exterior and becomes popular over the summer *yawn*. The speediness  of her transformation was too fast as well. But then it got a bit juicer. And I got more interested.
The love sick, eager-to-be popular teenager was gone, thrust into a pretty cool world. The unexpectedness of going from a typical, nauseating teen-growth book, to fantasy made me enjoy it even more.
Such diverse genres to contend with, such different styles I think this may have been why I was a bit knocked for six with the beginning of the book. While most books still contain the element of the twist in the beginning, it didn’t really show in this book. No hints that I caught onto.
Although, it may be because it took a very different route to what I am used to reading normally. And I’m not sure if I liked it as much.
The characters weren’t too amazing, I didn’t feel invested in Madison as maybe I should have been. She was good, but maybe a bit too contrasting throughout the novel. I did however, love that she was the first female binder. I thought that element was brilliant. I quite liked the male characters (although it took a bit to get my head round their names) as they all had different personalities. But I’m afraid the hint of romance between Eric and Rhys was a tad boring. I’m fed up of love triangles, the storyline of her becoming a Beserker was awesome enough. However, saying that, the involvement of Josh when her powers came into play tickled me. Karma right there.
The cover though, I like quite a lot, and the title too.
So, whilst the characters weren’t anything special, I thought the writing wasn’t too bad but the beserker/binder aspect was awesome. Such a cool concept and loved Madison’s discovery. Not too bad, but not one that will rock my top spot.


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