This book was strange and intriguing, leaving this reader confused about the entire reading experience. I wanted to like it, I really did and the mystery surrounding it drew me in on many levels. And the revelation should have appealed to me. But, instead of rejoicing, I am just staring at the cover asking ‘what do I genuinely make of this book?!’. Confusion galore.

Em has fallen for her best friend’s boyfriend and whilst her best friend is away over the winter holidays, their attraction can not resist themselves. On the other side of town, Chase’s stressful home life sees his social life unravel, especially because he is harboring a secret that is eating him up inside. Both Em and Chase are linked together by mistakes that can become deadly and that three beautiful, mystical girls are going to make sure that they pay.
The cover is pretty eye catching, and I think is what drew me to picking up the book. I know that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but with the magnificent red hair and eye-catching dress I just could not resist this beauty. The golden typography of ‘Fury’ too was just too irresistible. And the blurb provided on the back, I was hooked and checked this right out of the library.

I really appreciated the duel narrative. Balanced out equally, I did not get entirely bored of one narrative as another was addressed in the next chapter. I liked that it inter-weaved too, so that keeping track with each other was easy and did not feel too separate from what else I was reading. Clues were also provided and I liked that I had more knowledge and a greater perspective. Elizabeth Miles, this was achieved pretty well.

The initial story lines though, genuinely made me want to scream. ‘Argh!’. It was just Em and her falling for Zach. I could see she was an idiot from the start and witnessing her down spiral was just cringe worthy. Although vital to the entire narrative, I really did not like reading about it. I just wanted to slap her. Chase, however, was really interesting to red about and his valued his story line much better.Em’s got better as the story progressed but Chase’s remained good throughout. It pretty much mimicked how I felt about the characters and felt Chase was much more relateable, whereas Em and her decisions were just idiotic.

What caught me throughout was Miles dangling mysterious elements of the story that made me want to carry on reading. I was intrigued to know who these girls were and why they appeared in the lives so mysteriously. I was desperate to know and I think that was the fire to keep me reading. That and what Chase had done to deserve what was happening to him. Which was sad to read about (I’m sorry).

It did however, take me quite a long time to read the book. I was not particularly long, only three hundred and seventy pages. I do not know if I was just busy and only reading a few pages at a time or if the writing just meant that I did not read it at a fast pace. The amount of times I thought it was going to end was crazy, but it carried on, getting better and better as it did each time.

I am afraid I was not blown away by this book, but I did like many aspects of it. A lot of them appealed to me. Therefore, I think my next read may just have to be it’s sequel Envy as there is much more I need to know.


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