As I was pretty intrigued by where it was going to be taken next, I read Elizabeth Miles’ sequel. Granted, I read it quicker and felt that it flowed better because I did not have to be reintroduced to most characters, I felt this book tried a little too hard and fell a little flat.

Em Winters has turned into a shadow of her former self since the incident with the Furies. JD out right ignores her, and relying more on Drea to help her with them, she has become much more distance with best friend Gabby. Meanwhile, Gabby has taken new girl Skylar under her wing. But Skylar has more than a few dark secrets, ones that Meg is more than happy to help her with.
Yet again, I really like the cover. The typography flows beautifully with the images. I love it.
The story seemed to carry on for a lot longer than it should have done. It could have easily been covered in half the time. There was a lot of repetitiveness within the story, and needless recapping many times.
I found the decisions and reasoning for doing stuff within the narrative was incredibly frustrating. The consistent need for popularity, attraction and appreciation were down right annoying. The events could have had a lot more depth instead of using shallow and benign reasons.
Similarly the characters frustrated me. I found no connection for them, and I couldn’t get invested. They all seemed a bit one dimensional. I did however like the introduction of Crow. He showdd a different and interesting side. And I do not think it is the last we have seen of Drea.
I found the ending to be rushed, it all happened so quickly. Just when it was starting to get good. However, I did know it was pretty true from the start.
This book just did not wow me, or satisfy me. Which was a shame.


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