I picked this book up first to read on holiday as the title was the most ambiguious, plus great talking material when people walk past and read the cover. I don’t usually read confessions and the style was a tad different to my typical reads, but that only took a few pages to adjust to. I was captivated by the mystery and was as clueless as Tandy. Different to my normal reads but incredibly glad I chose to pick this book up, it will be one I’ll remember for a while.
Tandy was the last person to see her wealthy parents alive after the were murdered in their very own home. The Angels lived a life of luxury, but their parents were also perfectionists and very demanding of their children. With no strong leads, the suspicion falls on the three Angel children. As Tandy tries to clear their name, she discovers more secrets that could be damaging.
I was intrigued by the cover. I really liked the design of it, and I think that was what initially drew my eye.
The characters in this book were different to the ones I was used to reading about. They were rich, affluent and talented, but the way they were portrayed made them seem down to earth regardless. Yet, at the same time I was still able to remain suspicious about everyone. I enjoyed the narrative of Tandy, as she tried to piece together the mystery she remained as clueless as the reader. I didn’t get annoyed with her, and really ended up indulging in the way she was approaching things.
I really liked the paths this novel took. There were so many twists and turns that I didn’t know who to trust. I love when that happens in a novel. There were so many leads that I thought I might get lost but instead felt more in the investigation as ever and enjoyed being led this way and that. Although the reveal felt like a bit of a cop-out I would have not guessed it so was surprised.
This book was intriguing and wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and wouldn’t hesitate to pick up any others like it again. If I see the sequel, I’ll snap it up straight away.


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  1. Bookreader says:

    I received this book as a gift but haven’t read it yet. I’m glad to know that it will be a good read!


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