When I picked this book up it sounded so interesting. And whilst it was, it didn’t become incredibly gripping until the last half of the book. A mystery that was slow to start but hard to pin point the truth and that was what got me. I sped through the end of the book and was pretty satisfied with it.

Emily’s dad is accused of murdering a girl in the woods behind their house. He hasn’t been right lately, but Emily knows that he would never do anything like that, not that anyone believes her. She befriends Damon, boyfriend of the murdered girl who knows the woods just as well as she does. Surely, they’d be able to figure out what happened that night.
The colouring of this cover is beautiful. So eye-catching that I couldn’t help but pick it up.
Settling into the book took longer than I had anticipated. I was really excited at the prospect of this book yet, it did take quite a while to get into the flow. However, once I had got past that I absolutely flew through the end of the book. It had so much momentum and I was desperate to uncover the truth that half a day on the beach meant I was able to finish it.
I found it easy to fall into the flow of Emily’s character, even if I found it hard to grasp her family dynamics and relationships with those around it.
Although hinted throughout, I really liked the unexpected turning that the ending took. It was different and gritty, and I really appreciated that it didn’t cop-out with a watery ending.
Although it took a while to get into I genuinely enjoyed this book and would thoroughly recommend for a good holiday read.


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