Now, this sounded so interesting, intriguing and pretty awesome. And whilst I pretty much sped through it, I was not blown down by book. But by the end, I feel like I need to read more.

Teenagers are imprisoned in a concrete cube in the middle of a dense forest. All of them there for criminal acts that they cannot remember. Refusing to accept their guilt they are desperate for escape.
When I picked this up, I was pretty damn excited. The plot sounded so intriguing,  I could not wait to read it. I thought it had The Maze Runner feel to it and as that was pretty awesome I presumed this should be. And whilst it was, there was no pace and it took me a long while to get into the full swing of the narrative. I felt that I could not embrace the full immediacy of the escape because the writing lacked the pace that pulled me along.
At the beginning I was not sure if I could could handle so many strands with a pace that was not fast, but the more I read it definitely made it better.
There were so many characters! I found it increbily hard to get my head around at first.  But it made the last part brilliant. I loved that I had so many views, piecing so many aspects together. I felt so in the know. And definitely something I absolutely loved about the book.
This book could definitely be shorter though. It only got increbily good right at the end. I just wanted to read on and further. Otherwise, I feel it was dragged on a bit. Squished would be so much better, and make me a much happier eader as there was hardly anything revealed. I did like the ‘oh, no’ moment. I enjoyed that.
This book was good but didn’t make an amazing impact on my reading life. I do however, want to read the next book as I WANT TO KNOW MORE IMFORMATION. There was not enough disclosed. I need more!


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