After a shady start I was once again pulled right in. Although some parts I thought were overlooked and not thoroughly thought through, I was still engaged with the intriguing story line that was left open in from the first novel.

Having escaped the concrete cube block prison, Alyn, Jes, Elsa and Ryan are being hunted. Lost in the forest, on the run, and discovering that they can control the world around them, they are determined to stay hidden from the people that put them there.

After the ending of the Nowhere I was so excited to pick up this book. The tension and suspense I was left with was promising for this book. It did take a while to get into though because I did not read the novels back to back. Usually, I love when a sequel dives straight into the action without having to backtrack, however I felt a little left in the dark as to how quickly everything was started again. It did not take long to get back into the swing of the novel though. I just lost momentum at the start.

I really appreciated that the multi-narrative was carried on in this book too. I think it is one of my favourite ways in which a story is told. As a reader I feel much more clued in, and can follow many narratives at once. Especially when they all interlink as well as they did in Anywhere. It also provides much more tension, and I feel there is a heightened awareness of danger as I am aware of the potential danger each character may endure.

I also really like that more narratives were introduced from the other side. Similarly, I enjoyed exploring the background more of the original characters, as it gives them more dimension.

Although the start was a bit cloudy, I felt this book had the same great momentum of Nowhere, and I for one cannot wait to see where it goes next.


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