Gah.That took more than a while to get through. At times I felt like I was trying to slice through syrup and getting no where. Whilst a good idea; Partials really wasn’t my cup of tea. But I am glad I’ve read it.

Another dystopian setting, this time on Long Island after 99.9% of humans have been wiped out by the deadly virus RM, released by genetically engineered soldiers. Otherwise known as Partials. The remaining few thousand people are despereate for survival, every baby succumbing to the deadly virus. But young medical student Kira is despereate to not only help those who are dying, but find a cure to help all of man kind. And the race is on when she discovers her best friend is pregnant. Running out of paths, Kira decides the only way to save humanity is capture a Partial.

Man alive did this take ages to get into. If I’m being honest I don’t think I fully got into the book. I soldiered on nevertheless, I hate to leave a book once I’ve started it, but damn was it a struggle to finish with. The beginning, I felt, spent soooooo much time building up the world they lived in. Creating events to elaborate the danger, long passages describing how the world resulted to this. To be honest, it bored me a bit. The action was too wordy, I didn’t feel like I was there. It didn’t draw me in.

I only really got interested when she captured Samm, something other than depressing thought and medical jargon. It was the only point in the book where I said I’d stop reading after a chapter and actually wanted to carry on. He interested me, unlike all the other characters, who I felt were a bit one dimensional. Especially at the beginning, I got so confused about who was who, whether Kira liked and trusted them and whether their role was important to the narrative. I felt myself looking back to refer to other characters as I was confused.

And the medical jargon. Gah! Yeah, it may be awesome and well researched but if you didn’t have a clue like me it totally lost me. I found myself skipping some stuff. Please explain better in laments terms next time, I felt so silly! It bogged me down too much! Maybe it is what put me off too. Although I found the middle bit rather interesting, when she interacts with Samm for the first time, and their developing relationship, the beginning and end were stale. I felt myself wanting to get through it as quick as I could, but I couldn’t because it was too damn thick. I felt bogged down rather thn thrilled to keep reading.

The concept was interesting but the way it was depicted didn’t keep me interested unfortunately. If there are sequels, which I can see there being with the widely open ending, I don’t see myself gladly reaching for them. Unfortunately, it was a book I could happily put down to do something else. I am a bit disappointed really, I was looking forward to reading the book but I just felt too bogged down by the whole thing.


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