This book is mixed. This book has different flavours. Some I liked. Some that bored me. But once done I decided it could have been pretty interesting.
Those born after the ‘Shift’ can see ghosts. Aura can but it annoys her, constantly being asked to help. Seeing the violet people lost in limbo. Until her boyfriend dies. And she can see him, still be with him. Even if they can’t touch. Like she hasn’t lot him at all. But then Zach appears in school and Aura is starting to feel attracted to him. Not only that but Aura and Zach are linked in a much bigger way.

Now, I’m not a massive fan of romance and this book proved why. I felt the scenes involving Aura and Logan long and tedious. They annoyed me and frankly I could see the book being. written without that element. Yes, I know it was part of the backbone of the sorry but I found the origin and complications of ‘the Shift’ sooo much more interesting and the sole reason why I am not hating on the book!
The book, although flowed, jumped from the main focus. Either dead boyfriend or why the shift happened. It couldn’t multitask very well and this frustrated me a bit. Whole chapters could go by without mentioning the other plotline. Saying that, I thought Logan’s death was written with the right approach. It was sensitive, but at the same time raised awareness.
I wasn’t a particular fan of Aura if I’m honest. I couldn’t relate to her like I have done with other characters in the past. Although her relationships were cute, I grew bored of them quick. And quite frankly would have liked to have seen Logan disappear far more quickly.
Jeri, whilst the whole ‘Shifter’ aspect was incredibly cool, I would have liked a hell of a lot more about it. It felt a bit like a sub plot and I would have definitely liked it as a main plot! The book was okay, I didn’t not want to read it bur it hasn’t remained in my head, I haven’t thought about it after I’ve finished it. Shame.


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