This book. Ah this book. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster with it. One that was slow, fast and dizzying. I’ve finished this book, and although I thought I concluded how I felt half way through, finishing it has led me right back to the start. Hmpft.

Gatlin is a town stuck with its past ans where everyone knows each others business. If you aren’t from Gatlin, Gatlin gives you a very hard time. But when fifteen year old Lena comes into the town the welcome is less than warm. Only Ethan befriends her, dividing them and the town. But with worrying dreams and visions encountering Lena’s sixteenth birthday, the townsfolk are the least of their worries.
It took me forever to get into this book. Well, I say forever. For the first third of the book I couldn’t concentrate for even a few pages at a time. It didn’t help that it was five and a half hundred pages. But then, I hit a point. A point where I genuinely thought that I could feel myself slowly falling for this book. So I read quicker, I was eating it up. But then, with a fifth of the book left, that feeling deserted me. Although reading the end in pace; I felt like I had to with the pacing and all. But the resolution I was like ‘oh’. It felt a bit sour. Ended without really ending. Which I know means you have to read the next book. But frankly I don’t particularly want to. The rising love that started has vanished.
When I started the book, the best thing Ioved about it was the cover. I think it is beautiful. I absolutely adore the colour scheme, the swirls, the typography. It genuinely is one of my favourite covers ever. I thought the title was wonderful too. And I thought the outer features were going to be the only redeeming factor about the book.
I can’t even pinpoint where I thought, this is getting better, I want to read on. But I did. I don’t even really like romances! Which, yeah this whole book rallies on, but the witch aspect interested me more! But my lack of remember and how bitter I feel about the ending is annoying but just proves that I didn’t find anything too special about the book. Hmfpt.
I did like the world of Gatlin though. I thought it was an awesome set up,and portrayed particularly well, even if members of the community frustrated me highly.
As for Ethan as a character, although cute I thought he was watery. I wasn’t a massive fan of him. But for some reason I did like Lena.
The most fascinating bit for me was the witching aspect, even if at times I felt it was long winded.

I watched the trailer for the film too, the idea that there was a subsequent film waiting for me was the reason I picked the book up but am afraid to say the trailer was a little disappointing and didn’t really make me want to check out the film either. Sad times.
So, this book has left me with mixed feelings but ultimately a sour one due to its non commitable ending to just drag it onto another book. An interesting theory, but too long winded and love orientated for my liking.


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  1. bookcasterr says:

    Loved this book although it has taken me a while to read them. I’m now on the final one Beautiful Redemption.


  2. bookcasterr says:

    Loved this book although it has taken me a while to read them. I’m now on the final one Beautiful Redemption.


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