Well, after a slow start and even longer middle, the ending of Blackout left me eager for more.

Whilst Aubrey and Jack live in a remote town sheltered from the violence that has spread across America, Alec and Laura are at the heart of it. With deadly attacks sweeping across the nation the four teenagers become entangled in a way none of them would have ever imagined.
I loved the front cover, so captivating and eye catching and I adore the colours.
I think what made me struggle at the beginning was the immediate leap onto action. The introduction left more questions than answers to the new take on the world. I wanted to know who these people were, what their intentions were and why. However frustrating it was at the beginning, made for a magnificent ending and I think I can appreciate it for that.
I absolutely adored the concept of varied superpower throughout teenagers, and them being the enemy as well as the good guys. However, the fine line and alternating narrative left me unsure as to who was actually doing the good.
The diveristy of characters was so clear and I really enjoyed that none of them were one dimensional. Well, the main protagonists anyway. I love a multi narrative anyway, and although I didn’t feel so clued up and thoroughly enjoyed all the perspectives.
A slow start that definitely sped up towards the end to provide a tense and pleasing ending. Cracking the spine on Dead Zone already!


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