Okay, that book was different as I expected, and strangely enlightening. Although a little slow, I thought it achieved aspects dealt in there very well.

Win is a lonely teenager, exiled to a boarding school in the wake of a family tragedy. His biggest fear is himself, and his wolfish predator within. On the other hand, he is also Drew. Angry with violent impulses that are close to destroying him.
I was not attracted to the cover or title whatsoever. Both were neither appealing or enticing and looked scrawled and rushed. I did not understand the title and thought it was weak, especially for a YA fiction. However now read, the unruly illustrations demonstrate beautifully the process dealt with in this book and the constant struggle of what to believe.
The storyline was different to that in which I usually read, but I picked it up for the purpose of my blog. I was intrigued by the calmness of it, despite the violent actions described. The way it was presented; matter and antimatter describing two different points in his life added greatly to what the story was trying to achieve and Ā believe I became more engaged by doing so.
I could not grasp which strand to believe. In my heart I believed the mental health, however the insistence of the werewolf was convincing and probably mimicked the way Drew saw it in his head. It was heart breaking to read, especially at the end where all was revealed.

I did like the variety of characters too, and felt they all added something to the storyline, despite getting muddled up with who’s who at first. It gave a better and broader understanding.

I genuinely feel enlightened by this novel, and was so much different to what I normally read, but was written in a way I could still enjoy.


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  1. Daniel Waltz says:

    The cover is definitely interesting…


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