That book took me an incredibly long time to read. Yes, I had other stuff to do but even when reading it felt slow for me to read. It nay be that I’m not used to the genre, it doesn’t enthrill me or the book was not for me. But let me tell you, I won’t be reading it again.

In the future,  Earth has a greater battle than itself,  one from outer space. And their last hope remains with one person. One boy. One child. Ender Wiggin. But whilst they are training a leader, are they also creating a monster?
First off, it was recommended by a friend. Her retaliation to Divergent, maybe. Oh, and the ‘amazing’ plot twist at the end. Once she handed me the book and I started reading she realised that maybe this book wasn’t for me. Science fiction is not my cut of tea. Howrver, I wanted to pursue. Expand my reading habits. This didn’t end up encouraging me. I just found it hard to get along with.
The writing style wasn’t my friend either. I found it foggy, yes foggy and thick the read. I found it hard to carry on at a smooth pace. I definitely prefer readings I can relate to, and flow to make me want to read further and further.
Also,  the narrative was a bit dull. Although you got to see different aspects it jumped so much. Different areas were given focus then totally forgotten. I felt that Valentine’s and Peter’s story was lost in the immediacy of Ender’s despite the influence of it at the end. And that annoyed me. I found the bpld dialogue at the beginning annoying,  but later found it useful.
The characters, I just could not get on with.  All had features I found frustrating. I couldn’t relate to any and hated that I couldn’t. And the ages, oh my dear lord the ages. I just couldn’t grasp. They were portrayed so much old, and yes that was the point. But I just thought it was ridiculously over the top. It exasperated me throughout it all.

I just was not convinced. Not entralled by the story at all. Many aspects frustrated me more than anything and I don’t think I could get over that.


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