Well, this was a book I kept looking at, one I kept saying ‘I will read’ every time I noticed it in a book store or on the library shelf would make a mental note to read it at some point. I mean superpowers should have been right up my alley but I’m afraid to say, for me it fell a little flat.

One minute they are, the next *poof*. Suddenly, without warning all the adults over the age of fifteen disappear in the small town of Perdido Beach. Left trapped,  and with no explaination as to why chaos begins to erupt between those that are left. Soon gangs are formed and sides are chosen. And if thay wasn’t enough mutant powers begin to emerge.
Hmm. The age. I think that got me. Have I gotten to a point where I am too old? I couldn’t connect with these fourteen year olds, and therefore couldn’t relate to the book as fully as I would have liked to. Which was a shame. But eighteen would have been a much better cut off point. I may have found it easier to digest that way.
However, I am never one to knock the use of superpowers. And utterly awesome element. However, it was such a strong storyline initially, it would have rocked without it. And please,  a bwtter description of the powers, it took me a while to understand everyone’s powers.
The promising power station fell short of my expectations. I hoped for so much more to evolve from it, especially as it was heavily weight. But I wasn’t satisfied with it.Which fits in nicely with too many leads. There was too much to try and focus on, renever who was who and where. And then not enough anwsers for them in the end. Unnecessary scene that could have easily have shortened the book/series too. Five hundred and fifty eight pages could have easily have been shrunk down, another off putting aspect to the book. And one reason why I don’t want to carry on. So much commitment I’m not ready for!
The big reveals in this book, I wasn’t amazed at. Hoped for something better and so when it came to it I wasn’t phased. Or shocked. Or anything really. Just meh.
And as for talking animals, seriously. Superpowers yes, but another storyline too far. Just too mad. I felt myself huffing and puffing at the book. The coyotes annoyed ne far too much. Their heavy involvement made me want to put down the book. Argh.
Saying that I liked the diverse range of characters though, even if I couldn’t connect with their age. The different characters I liked, just wish we didn’t have to follow so many.
So, I may have some beef with this book, talking animals not my thing at all. And being unable to relate to the age. But I didn’t finish hating it, just wishing it was shorter and that I had read it at the right age. However,  I am not continuing the series. Way too much commitment for my liking.


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