Even from the beginning.

Trinity is the new girl in school when she moves in with her aunt in New Orleans. But Trinity is different. Trinity can see stuff in her dreams. Stuff that comes true. So when the meanest girl in school goes missing, Trinity can see her, but how can she stop what is happening when no one believes her.
The blurb seemed interesting. It caught my eye (covers that do always pass my hands) and thought I’ll give it a try. And I don’t mean to sound harsh but I wish I hadn’t.
I didn’t feel the storyline was focused, ir kept jumping and I felt like I couldn’t keep track. Elements were mentioned then kind of forgotten about. And so many characters to keep track of, I forgot who were the names of who.
I didn’t like Trinity if I’m honest. I felt there were too many stereotypes played on here. Hot guy, meanest girl in school, new girl trying to fit in. I didn’t connect to any at all and wasn’t feeling their actions.
I was interested more in the dreams, which ended up being unfocused and bland. Really disappointed me.
This is only a short review as the book really wasn’t what I expected and does not deserve a long review. I’m honestly surprised I finished it.


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