When The Mortal Instruments; City of Bones exposed itself to me on the library shelves I thought, why not give it a go. And a go I did.

Clary Fray is seeing things that other people can’t; werewolves, vampires. Demon-Hunters. So when she gets drawn into the Shadow Hunters, who hunt the demons that inhabit our own world, she encounters a dark side to New York life. A missing mother, abilities she can’t explain and forbidden love; Clary questions the world she has stepped into.
This book ended up being better than expected to be honest. I always take hypes you movie adaptation with a little bit of salt before I read them. Now whilst it didn’t have ‘The Hunger Games effect’ on me, I found myself enjoying it and wanted to carry on reading.
There were certain points in the book where I got the giddy feeling, moreso towards the end as to anything as there were revelations that tickled me. I found myself skim reading at lot of the middle of the book as I foreshadowed most of the points, especially at the beginning. But there were some points when I was like ‘ooh! That’s juicy!’
Around page four hundred I ended the chapter with glee on my face. The revelation, what it meant brought a whole new angle to the book. And that, I liked.
It was nice to have a third person angle, as I felt I was watching over the action rather from just one view. However, it may have been the cause of my guess points. Regardless, it was lovely not to just have how Clary felt because I think she may have got on my nerves otherwise. I liked Cassandra Clare’s writing style too.
I didn’t really feel myself getting attached to any main characters to be fair. I wasn’t feeling Clary the way I’d felt other main characters, I liked her journey much more. I did like Have though, well much more at the begining than at the end. His character tickled me. Simon was funny, but wet. I kind of huffed at the whole ‘in love with best friend’ thing (it is boring) but the addition of Isabelle made up for it.
As for Valentine, I’m sorry but he had a whole ‘Voldemort’ shebang about him. Meh.
Ah but I must say I imdb’d the film and when I found out Robert Sheenan was playing Simon, I think I found a new love for Simon. Pasted Sheenan’s face of Simon and suddenly he became a whole sexier character.
Now, this book did do one thing for me. Confirmed that I love dytopian novels more than mythological creatures. No stomach thrills or anything. But hey, still a pretty good book. I’m not rushing to read the next book, but wouldn’t mind if I saw it. As for the film, I’m interested to see it portrayed. Cassandra Clare, I like it.


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  1. Bookreader says:

    I personally loved the novel but wasn’t thrilled with the film. I enjoyed the third person point of view as well and I do agree with the whole Voldemort/Valentine feeling but in my opinion that feeling lessens throughout the series.


    1. Charlotte says:

      Ah, maybe that is my reason for carrying on the series then!

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  2. thegrishalieutenant says:

    I’m near the end of the series (don’t worry, not about to spoil you) right now and I have to say, I got slumped after the second book. You have to push through and get to the third. That’s when EVERYTHING explodes and gets more exciting. It’s such a great series.

    Also: Magnus Bane is my favorite. But Simon is a close second. 🙂


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