Well, I picked up this book because at home I have the little extract free teaser, which I have read numerous times in the bath so when I spotted the full book in the library, I thought why not! This book wasn’t my favourite cup of mocha (I hate tea so thought I’d alter the reference) but it wasn’t bad either.

Nora Grey is a high achiever, grades being her main focus. Until Patch, the transfer, rocks up in her biology class. Patch who knows more about her than her best friend Vee. Patch who unnerves her. Convinced he is following her, he scares her, but at the same time Nora can’t help but feel attracted. Patch harbours deep dark secrets propel Nora into centuries long fued, leaving Nora wondering if she can trust him or not.
Upon reading this book, I think I may have got to the age where high school romances are boring me. A large chunk of this book is devoted to romance, which in large doses do nothing for me. In fact bore me. And that is what Patch and Nora did really. The are they/arent they throughout was tedious and I found myself skipping. I knew that I’d let myself in for that when I picked up the book, but I felt a little overwhelmed.
What I did find interesting in the book was the mystery. When the action got juicy, I liked it. Whilst murder was a tad far fetched, I actually liked it,and Becca’s style let me see Elliot in Nora’s eyes the whole time. I lacked the guessing but I liked I was lead through the emotion.
Also, the subject of angels do not really interest me majorly. This book confirming that. I wasn’t too bothered by the whole chaucey/ fallen angel shizzle. Which, I know is the backbone of the book and Tues everything together but I preferred the inner narrative. But hey, that is my personal preference.
Overall, I wasn’t bored by the book (got through it pretty quickly) but I am not truly inspired to rush round and pick up the second book. But, oh well.


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