Sat on the beach, the sun warm on my skin and the waves in the background allowed for me to delve in a weird and secret world that was actually pretty interesting once I got into it.

Spurlake is a town full of secrets. With thirty four teens missing in the past two years, parents are panicked. The reverend taking it as his role to console them. But, the reverend has also convinced Genie’s mother that Genie is possessed. So possessed she has locked Genie up, denying her of a summer. Her only hope is that her boyfriend Rian can save her. But when a face appears on Genie’s wall, she is told that she is next.

I picked this up because the topic interests me; missing children. But what route would this author take to explain them? An interesting route I am pleased to say. Secret bases, undisclosed experiments; I knew it was something like that and I was glad I was proved right. Although I didn’t feel it was very fast paced, I had no need to hurry on my reading to find out what happened next, I felt involved with what was happen and for that I was glad. Although, I never worried about the state of a character; sad they were gone as such and I don’t  know if that was a good aspect or not. I suppose I was too engrossed with the entire picture instead. But it worked for me.
What I did find a tad interrupting was *and I apologise for any spoiler* the need for two different sorts of experiments. It was a bit disturbing and probably needed one to make the story stronger as I felt a little lost. Yes, it made their work more menacing but to be honest I found the whole ‘perfect human’ stuff way more interesting than teleportation. But without the story would be much more different I suppose.
Another thing I found annoying was the abrupt ending. I flicked the last page and actually ‘oh’ed’ out loud. It is so blunt, I expected more closure. But then again, it goes past closure and starts a whole other book so I suppose it gets you to read the next one. But, I still found it off-putting to say the least.
I thought Rian and Genie were pretty awesome chaarcters. I found them likable without being overbearing. And that was good. Although I didn’t like names, that is personal taste for you, I really liked the way they were. I liked that they had a ready formed relationship and there wasn’t much focus on the whole romance aspect. For me, a massive bonus to the normal YA fiction. I quite liked Marshall and Miller too.

Having been set in Canada was a bit weird for me, I’m so used to reading American and British books. The first read of Vancover had a bit of getting used to. I really liked that the book was in third person too, and maybe why I liked the character. No overload of thoughts and feeling to bear them down, well done Sam.

To be honest, I was pretty impressed with this book, it just took me a while to get into it. The topics; I loved. i just hope there is more exploration of it in the next book. A book if I see it on the library shelve won’t hesitate to pick it up.


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