Well, that was different. To be honest, I wasn’t overly excited to start reading this. I’d picked it up because it was highly recommended on many sites I’d looked at, and fitted in the same sector at the current books I’ve been reading. And it fared better than expected in my opinion.

Set in New Bejing way in the future where cyborgs live among humans. Cinder, owned by her stepmother, is a gifted mechanic who has two friends in the world; her doting cyborg Iko and her less horrible step sister Peony. Until Prince Kai seeks her out to fix one of his cyborgs. But when Peony falls ill to the devastating plague that is taking over the Earth, Cinder discovers that there is something different about her. Something which may help Peony. But with Prince Kai’s attention increasing on Cinder much to the disgust of Lunar Queen Levana, Cinder must chose between her duty and her desire for freedom. (I really apologise for this synopsis. I didn’t realise how many connecting story lines there were in this until you have to sum it up! I promise you it is not as complicated as this in the book)
I started this book on the beach and quite frankly felt it was a chore to carry on at first.  I think it was maybe because I was finding the names hard to process; like Iko and Peony ( they don’t come naturally in my vocabulary). And also maybe because it was so close to the Cinderella storyline. Buuuuttt, after about half way though I found myself enjoying in more. The storyline elaborated a bit more from the traditional fairytale, it was more meatier and I flew to the end in an evening.
The cyborg element I found fascinating and I don’t really know why. It drew me in a bit more. However, I felt the Lunar shizz went too far. I took me ages to get my head around another culture who lived on the moon. But oh well. Maybe that was also why I found it difficult at first; I was reading about the eastern hemisphere rather than western. A mind shift that was tough at first but opening by the end.
I quite like Cinder, she was likeable and you felt sorry for her. And Kia too. And the fate of Iko. No! However, I could have told you what was revealed on page 378 way back on page 43. I just have epic detective skills. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t as invested in it. I could tell the big plot hole throughout the entire book. So when it was meant to be the big revelation it wasn’t in my eyes. I did love the ball sequence though, probably my favourite part of the whole book.

To be honest, it wasn’t a bad book but wasn’t an epically good one. I am not inspired to read the whole series but may do if I find it in the library and have nothing else to read. Which is a shame but it did better than my initial reactions. So it has succeeded somehow.


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