When I picked it up I thought I might be dealing with a Slated-esque sort of novel. I was proved wrong by this gritty, fast moving dystopian novel which kept me reading pretty quickly.

It is 2024, and society has a stricter regime. Cal keeps finding that his head is pounding and cracks are forming where they never used to be. However, determined to seek out the root of his problem leads him to the last place he would ever think and life as he knows it may be all a lie.

The cover wasn’t as intriguing as I usually like with a book, but the blurb had me hooked. Although I was expecting a very Slated-esque (see Teri Terry) sort of dystopian land, it wasn’t but I was still very pleasantly surprised with the novel as a whole. The concept was intriguing, I was thrown right into a very believable dystopian world and it was portrayed in a way that made me thirsty for more.

Starting off, it was all a little bit confusing. As a reader, you are thrown right into the midst of the book without much direction and like any other dystopian novel it does take a while to adjust to the new surroundings. However, the world was interesting and one that I was desperate to know more about. Similarly, I appreciated that the confusion mimicked Cal’s increasing stress and as a reader were placed on the same wave length as the protagonist.

The twist of the alternate reality/artifical world was one that left me in awe. I loved the turn it took, and was not particularly expecting it. The amount of detail that was alluded too made the atmosphere one i could emerge myself even more into. It helped that Cal was a character that I could get along with too.

An easy read with a really interesting plot. I love the paths it was taken and the world that was developed. I’d love to see where Green takes it next.


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