Unexpected twists and turns that somehow I was not shocked or appalled by. Psychicness somehow perhaps? A good storyline, different but not entirely mind blowing. An ‘ I didn’t mind’ for sure.

Every other day Kali is a normal 16 year old who goes to high school. She is human. However, on those alternating days she is something else. Although still looking like her normal self, she has the undeniable urge to hunt, trap and kill demons, zombies and other supernatural creatures. When she notices a mark on the most popular girl from one of the demons as their next kill, she must stop them. Only problem is, it’s the 24 hours that she is human.

This cover is beautiful, I love the swirls and fluidity of it. However, the premise of the book was just as interesting and I was really intrigued as to where it was going to take me.

I really liked the idea of Kali’s two different persona’s. Although her feral one was harder to grasp, I ended up finding it to be the more interesting one. It was unpredictable and I liked being unaware of the next steps. Kali as a character was different, and I liked that she wasn’t portrayed typically. She had many dimensions to her and that made her interesting to read about.

However, the story did become more and more predictable as it was going along. I am not sure if I was because I was becoming more perceptive to the story, or if it just genuinely didn’t stray from the normal paranormal story lines that are given. Although it took away some of the fun of reading the book, by the end I was thrown off by it too much.

Although not mind blowing, this book was different, interesting and overall a good read.


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