I found this pretty intriguing, a strong beginning and although the reveal was different I was not blown away by it. And that is why I am teetering on raving about this book.

When a school girl in the small town of Cryer’s Creek goes missing without a trace, everyone is shocked. 16 year old Kendall finds it hard to cope with the empty desk in the classroom, but everyone else finds that life just goes one. That is until another teen goes missing. Kendall’s boyfriend. With her OCD at an all time high, Kendall is convinced that she is connected to the missing and hearing voices. Are they still alive?

The cover for this book is creepy, yet satisfyingly beautiful at the same time. I was drawn in by the girl on the front, she made me want to read this book.

At first, I though Kendall and the small town of Cryer’s Creek were both disjointed and weird. One part of me was put off by this. It was particularly alluring in any sense, however the other part of me was desperate to read on into this strangeness. And I am glad I listened to this part.

The beginning got stronger and stronger, as the mystery became bigger and Kendall became more and more invested. I found myself wanting to unveil what had happened, and I like it when a book does that to you. A good mystery unfolds from that. Although I found myself not getting along with Kendall as a character, it didn’t put me off the read.

The final reveal, the bit I was desperate for, did not wow me as much as it should have. Although completely different to anything I could have guessed, and normal something I would rave about, I was not particularly surprised or shocked and I feel that may have been a it of a let down.

An interesting read, that kept me wanting more from the strange characters and weird town.


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  1. reading7mandy says:

    How strange, I read this book, but mine has Cryer’s Cross as the title. I wonder when she renamed it. I really enjoyed it. I’ve read almost all of her teen books and I’ve enjoyed them all, this is the only one I’ve read though that doesn’t have a ‘paranormal’ twist.


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