I used to adore Catherine MacPhail’s books, so whenever I get an opportunity to read another I pick it up out of pure nostalgia. However, whilst better than some I have read, I am not blown away by Roxy’s Baby.

Roxy is fourteen and despises her mum, stepdad and sister. When she finds out she is pregnant she thinks the only logical thing to do is run away to London. Whilst there she comes undee the care of the Dyces, who take her and look after her with other girls in the same condition. But something does not feel right, and at times like these Roxy should really listen to her gut.
The storyline was different and gritty in comparison to my other reads and that drew me in right away. It took many turns that I was not expecting and can only commend the novel for that.
The subject of teen pregnancy, and coping with it was dealt in a mature manner that made it realistic, but ay the same time still had an intriguing element to it. Rather than bore me, it kept me interested in a way I wouldn’t have expected.
The change of Roxy’s character was something that I agreed with. Her development was what helped the book flow and by the end she became a character that I liked rather than a character I was tolerating.
Different and insightful, a read worth doing. I just did not feel as engaged with the story as I should have been.


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