I wasn’t sure about picking this up at first. I was not convinced by the cover and the blurb only just swung it for me. But my oh my am I glad I did. I couldn’t put it down, and steamed through the novel needing to know more.

The last thing Chloe remembers is falling asleep in study hall in May. Now it is November. Before he was mediocre, she is now the valedictorian, being recruited for Ivy League schools, and is the girlfriend of a top jock. Nothing like before. But her inseparable best friend now will not speak to her. What did happen in those six months?

Although the cover is unappealing, a good mystery always knows how to grab me. And boy, did this memory missing mystery grab me by both hands. Throughout the entire novel I was desperate to know more.

I loved that the reader was placed in the same position as the protagonist Chloe, we knew just as much as she did and the desire to know more meant that I stormed through this book in a matter of hours. Chloe is a character that is easy to get along with and read about without sigh loudly and getting frustrated with her. Although it sounds like the typical girls wakes up to perfect life, trust me when I say it defies the usual conventions.

I love how Richard’s also shaped Adam. I honestly thought she had a created a particularly attractive male, and love it when a character can just ┬ábe lifted from the page. And Adam definitely has that quality. His character blends very well into the story line and not just plonked into story for the typical love triangle. Praise for that!

The twist at end, my god. Brilliant. A great ending to a book that left me devouring more and more.


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