Needed a book to carry me through my last few days of commuting and boy did this do the trick. Although sometimes slow and predictable, the other fast pasted parts and intriguing story line kept me reading. An enjoyable and different read.

The Fearless are an army of serum induced soldiers. Intended for good, the serum has a side effect. Whoever is possessed is stripped of all their humanity and empathy. Once the soldiers are loose, they destroy everyone in their path, and Cass father was Altered. Not long after she lost her mother. With only her little brother left, they reside on a remote island, called Hope with other survivors, in isolation and away from the mainland with The Fearless.

The cover for this was eye catching and I could not wait to get my teeth into a strong, female protagonist with gust and strong survival instincts. Although I was provided with some of this, this book didn’t produce everything I desired out of it.

Getting to grips with the premise of this dystopian world was not to hard to handle. Once Pass had established life on Hope, and their daily routine, it was understandable. But the same land they inhabited was a clear indicator that they were not going to reside there they whole novel. And I wasn’t wrong. There were many parts that were quite predictable, where it was because it relied on genre conventions, I am not too sure.These parts meant it was a tad slow in places, but others parts made up for it further in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the multi-narrative perspective, as the scope of voices and opinions is always refreshing. Getting different perspectives on this dystopian world was wonderful to find, especially when it involves an isolated island. It also meant I felt clued in, and it was more intriguing this way.

There elements I liked of this book, yet other parts that were predictable. I liked reading it, it was not a struggle but can see it being forgettable. However, a good read.



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