Oh, my. I was gripped, I was intrigued and I was curious throughout that entire book. Throwing curve balls and suspicion all over the shop I was desperate to find out the truth. And even pretty shocked when it was revealed. Although, maybe a little too dramatic, this read really had me going. Well done.

Sam thought she had everything; popularity, wealth and the dream guy. That is until her best friend Cassie goes missing. A stranger in her own life, Sam can’t remember what her life was like before, and the more she finds out about herself the less she likes it. Cassie remains missing, and Sam wants to unlock her memories from that night. And she isn’t the only one. Someone else knows, and wants to keep Sam quiet.

I was caught by the blurb. I am a sucker for a good mystery, so this YA book seemed right up my street, and sure was I right. I left desperate to discover the truth behind Cassie’s disappearance and Sam’s memory loss, I was caught in from the start.

The characters in this book were interesting, even if a little cliched at times. They are all characters that I have come across before, with similar traits, but the situation Armentrout placed them in was fresh and exciting to read about. I definitely more intrigued by the plot than the characters this time.

I can’t get over how much I loved this story line, powering through the novel so quickly. It was intense, and even a little too dramatic in places. But reading it left me on the edge of my seat.

Although there are quite a few cliches, and heavy romances contained within this book, I was gripped. Jennifer L. Armentrout if I spot any more of your books I will not hesitate to pick them up!


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