That was not what I was expecting when I picked up that book. Oh, the plot was and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about that. It’s just some of the other elements that I found a bit hard to swallow, like the friend set up and reliance on pranks. I felt it was a bit too much. Saying that, I was drawn in consistently and wanted to carry on reading quickly.
There is no need for it to be a series though, as this book felt pointless with the lack of conclusion. Good theory, I would have liked it to play out differently though.

Sutton has a life anyone would kill for. Until someone does. However, once dead she discovers she has a long lost twin sister, Emma. She persuades Emma to slip into her old life to figure out the pieces to Sutton’s demise whilst keeping up appearances and convincing everyone around her that she is Sutton. Even when she knows the murderer is watching her.

I was caught by the stunning cover, intriguing name, and of course the author because I love Pretty Little Liars. I just hoped this had the same captivating air.

And in some elements it really did.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot that was posed in this book. I love to read about twins, and swapped identities – nostalgic for Parent Trap, anyone? – plus the added element of mystery and you have me gripped. I was desperate throughout the book to uncover Sutton’s murdered, but at the same time willing for Emma to get away with what she was doing. I loved reading about it, but at the same time if I thought about it too much found it a little weird.

Basic parts of the story I found hard to swallow as I could not picture it, or found it too far fetched. The friend connection between the girls was weird and strange, and very insecure at the same time and I found this difficult to read. The reliance on pranks became boring pretty quickly and I lose interest in this part of the novel. It may have been because the characters were too cliched, and needed a bit more padding out.

However, I did race through the book. It was an interesting plot, and captivating air. Enjoyable read, I may say.


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  1. Free Writer says:

    *adds to read list* Will sure read!


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