Man, that took me much longer to read than anticipated. Sophie McKenzie reads are usually really fast flowing and has an intense narrative pace. However, although this one tried, I didn’t feel like carrying on. The story was not captivating enough for me and took way too long to get exciting. Whilst there were many Sophie-esque twists, and the ending got better, this book just really didn’t capture me at all.

Charlie’s life is torn apart when a bomb goes off in a London market whilst she is there. Months later, she meets Nat. His family were devastated by the same bomb and they become close. However, Charlie feels like Nat knows more about the bomb than he is letting on.

As usual, I was really excited to pick up a Sophie McKenzie book. I was ready for fast paced action, intriguing characters and plots that took you in so many directions you ended up dizzy once you finished the book. I could not wait to start her fast flowing narrative that always makes me speed through a book.

However, I did not feel the pace as much in this book as the others, despite the high intensity topics and demanding, emotional beginning. Thrown right into the action at the beginning of the novel meant I was straight in the action, and felt like I started reading it running. But once the scene had played out, the narrative slowed down a lot. And not in a good way. I felt like I was dragging myself through the novel, instead of willingly devouring it. I did not find the middle captivating enough.

I felt the character development was slow, and the characters were a bit too cliched. They weren’t s well rounded so to be interesting enough for them to just pull me through the book. However, the pace was brought right back up in the end, and made up a little of my disappointment.

Not Sophie McKenzie’s finest as it lacked a lot of her flair, and a different topic to say the least.


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  1. Wow. I find this quite interesting, as like you, I loved almost every single one of Sophie McKenzie’s other novels. I think I’ll still attempt to read this book, even if I can’t get through it all. Thanks for this review!


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