Whilst cooling off in the evenings, waiting for after sun to soak in and for dinner to be ready to go to, I sprawled out on my bed and read this. Whilst romances usually put me off, I could not avoid it in this book but I didn’t actually mind. It was a unique look in the way the world could be, changing events from 1939, causing peace due to the discovery of the perfect partner. An interest read and one glad I picked up.
In this uptopia everyone has a match. A perfect partner. Born at exactly the same time, records are kept and the partners meet their soul mate on their 18th birthday. A connection perfect for life. However, days before his 18th birthday Aaron discovers he has no soul mate. Which is fine with him. He does not believe in the soul mate rubbish and is happy to stay that way. Until he clashes with new girl Amber. With similar views, similar stubborn and the same birthday, initially they lock heads. However, the more time they spend together, the more alike they find themselves. With their birthday fast approaching, Aaron isn’t sure he can watch Amber be paired off with another soul mate.
Now, although romances are never my thing and this whole novel revolves around them I think Dan Rix has done an absolutely fabulous job in creating a novel that I actually thoroughly enjoyed reading.
I thought the cynicalness of both Aaron and Amber appealled to me tremendously and that initial start lead to a gentle, if yet predictable bubbling of romance. I was actually happy to see the fall.
I thought the idea and concept of the novel was neat and very well intergrated into a parallel universe. I genuinely thought it was great. and the ending I was quite appreciative of.
A refreshing read that readers of Ally Condie’s Matched will thoroughly enjoy.


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