I was a bit iffy about picking this book up – hence my last holiday read that has split into back to reality because I was worried of unnecessary romances overpowering the actual novel. And whilst there was the love tug, it’s dominance did not over shadow the throughly interesting ghostly phenomenon explored. I was intrigued by the layout and unfolding of events and am truly wanting to read the next book in the series. It is one I can see myself getting into.
Kennedy never did believe in ghosts. But not long after her mother dies, on tries to kill her. Saved by brothers Jared and Lukas, Kennedy discovers her mother was part of an ancient secret society. And all five members were murdered on the same night. Kennedy takes her mother’s place and along with Jared, Lukas and two other newbies Priest and Alara aim to destroy the demon that killed those before them.
I picked this up because of Kami Garcia’s name blazened across the front. If it was as half as beautiful as Beautiful Creatures could be, I was in for a good ride.
I adored the paranormal world set up in this novel. The secret society that blends into real life was so intriguing. I loved it and was a big reason why I enjoyed this book so much.
The descriptions and diversity of the characters within the society were rich and refreshing. None of them were two dimensional and I really appreciated that. I was worried of a love triangle between Kennedy, Jared and Lukas as the step up was begging for it to happen. Yet whilst there were some romantic tensions, the action was not overpowered by it and I really respected that.
This isn’t just another paranormal phaseout, Garcia has created a world that I can’t wait to see where their series takes them.


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