Hot damn.
That was pretty intense. I’d heard awesome reviews and it definitely lived up to it’s expectation. The amount of times I was left on the edge of my seat, needing to know the next steps. And that ending. No way! That was everything I adore about an ending.
Bali Rai, bravo. I need to pick up more of your books.
Once Lily accepts Benedicts request online, they instantly become friends. Lily likes the attention from older Benedict; he is much more mature than the boys at school and gets her the way that no one else. She feels she can confide anything in him. And when a numerous suicides occur at her school, she relies on Benedict more than ever. With things at school becoming more tense, and a reliance more on her online friends, can Lily really trust those behind the screen.
I’d been warned of how gripping, and scary, this book was when I picked it up. Little did I realise how much though! Bali really digs deep into how fragile the internet can be for teenagers and how real the danger really is. It intrigued but terrified me at the same time.
I thought the emotions that flowed out of the character of Lily made me become emotional attached and how the realism of the novel gripped me. I was caught by her every move, and shouting at the pages when I anticipated what was going to happen next.
The mystery of Benedict and the allusiveness of him really made it creepy. Trying to figure out his role in the novel and eventually his motives was exhausting yet kept me turning the page faster than needed. It added an element that other books with similar themes sometimes lack. And I really appreciated that.
A terrifying, yet unmissable read. Amazing, even if it has left me afraid of my laptop.


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